The overall goal of our project was to reduce accessibility of juuls among teens in New York City. Our project was successful in terms of getting signatures but it wasn’t successful in terms of getting enough views in our blogs. We worked on this cause from February to May with my group which includes Rafia, […]


Goodbye FreshPod

Our overall goal was to help spread awareness about the dangers of Juuling among the youth. Our teens are getting corrupted by nicotine addiction, which is prevalent all over high school communities in New York City. We wanted to promote information against vaping in order to decrease Juuling within teenagers. This was a semester long, […]

Juul in Schuul

Juuling in school has become more prevalent as the days pass. Kids pass their juuls within their friends group to “hit it” from class to class. We must help teens be educated on the harms of juul as they are unaware of its consequences. Help us ban juul in New York City to prevent nicotine […]

Farewell Freshpod

Our blog, Freshpod was created to spread awareness on the dangers of juuling. Through constant promotion of our blog posts, my group and I have gained a supportive audience through the months of February to May.Our blog spread the message of what drugs such as juuls can do to teens in NYC. The teens in […]


North Carolina becomes the first state to sue e-cigarette maker Juul over targeting teens!North Carolina’s attorney general asked the state judge to bar popular e-cigarette maker from selling to minors and force it to end marketing campaigns that appeal to them. Juul marketing campaigns deliberately made its products attractive to young people, by developing fruity […]

Sign our Petition!

We have created a petition on called “Juuls are not Cuul.” This petition was created because we want to minimize juul accessibility amongst teens in NYC. Juuls are very addictive and cause horrendous impacts towards teens life in the present and future. Help teens to live a long, healthy, aand happy life by taking […]

Clean Your Lungs

As a blog for prevention of drug use, we urge you to be aware of the benefits that you can attain when avoiding drugs. Clean lungs are one of many of the benefits you can acquire from staying drug free. Why pollute your breathing machine when it’s so easy to keep them healthy? It’s your […]

Juul Market

In a white paper, a team of researchers with Stanford Research Into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising have shared their study of the company’s marketing campaign between Juul’s launch in 2015 and fall 2018. They looked at thousands of Instagram posts, emails, and ads, and came to this searing conclusion: Juul’s marketing “was patently youth-oriented.” Juul also appeared […]

Legal Frameworks Presentation

This presentation talks about the legal frameworks of juuling. It also has many graphs and visual images that emphasizes the overgrowing trend of juuling. The cause of this presentation and this blog in general is to reduce the accessibility of juuls. This presentation introduces the different laws about juuls and many drugs in general. My […]